Heidi provides a variety of services to meet your individual business goals. Here’s how she’ll help you get noticed…

Nutrition Communications

  • Professional and science-based writing for websites, health forums, blogs, articles, newsletters, web content and consumer materials

  • Nutrition Communication and PR strategy

  • Nutrition platforms for products or organizations

  • Health claim development

  • Social media strategies

  • Representation at conferences or trade shows and with the media

  • Corporate Wellness Education

  • Grocery Educational Tours

  • National Speaker

Media and Product Spokesperson

  • Culinary and nutrition education

  • Creative Media Pitch Strategy and Press Releases

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  • A credible print, TV,  and radio personality

  • Video News Releases

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Culinary Expertise

  • Recipe and menu development

  • Recipe nutritional analysis

  • Food demonstrations at events

  • Nutrition messages related to your menu and nutrition claims

Marketing and Sales Support

  • Nutrition marketing  and PR strategy

  • Retail sales support for your food brand

  • Develop creative nutrition programs

Speaking and Grocery Tours

  • MOPS™ recognized speaker for over 10 years

  • Corporate Wellness Seminars

  • Woman’s Groups